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– Based in Massachusetts | New England –

In 2009, I graduated with my BFA in Photography. Imoved back to New England from Philadelphia & opened up my business. I knew back then I enjoyed taking nice pictures, and after being in school for so long for it, that’s all I knew how to do.

From there, I started to photograph Weddings & Boudoir Sessions. I quickly learned weddings are one of the best days you can be apart of. The moments, the atmosphere, the details; this needed to be captured and frozen in time to remember for years to come. I am responsible for doing that in the most beautiful way possible & I LOVE IT! That is why I am a wedding photographer at heart.

My Boudoir Sessions started in 2013 when the current bride I was working with at that point in time approached me. I had never thought of about trying these, but I took the job because it sounded like an awesome idea. From there, My Intimate Black Book was born. One of the main reasons I enjoy doing these shoots, is because I know how amazing it feels to feel pretty. That thought when you walk out the door, that you want to go into every store & restaurant because you feel so good. Everyone woman deserves that feeling in my humble opinion. I get to not only be apart of that, but create that experience for someone else. Everyone works hard for their special moment, and they all deserve it. This is what turned me into a Boudoir Photographer.

In 2012, I married the man who knows all my quirks & is my rock when I need it. We flew to Kona, HI and were married on the water with our cloest friends & family. When I came home, I felt closer to every single one of my couples. I want each & ever couple to reeive the same experience I did. I will work each & every year to better that & create the most unforgettable images for genertions to enjoy.

I want to thank each & every couple I have ever photographed.

FUN FACTS: I am a mom to a beautiful daughter and to two boxers! I still play with my film cameras. I took my first darkroom class when I was 14 yers old at Ponagansett High School!

I love to travel, and especially love to fly!

– “Oh Me!”

I am a wife & a mommy now. I have hips, curves & stretch marks! Embracing the changes that have happned to my body helps me work better with other women.
“I have been skinnier & curvier, I have been single, I have fears & dreams too!”
– I don’t know every women’s story, but this one is mine! And I want to celebrate it with you. Everyone is at a different point into their life, but it’s never too early or late to celebrate YOU!
“I love to workout & I love cookies!”
– I am a real woman too! I travel every year for pleasure and business! I love high hells, but I cannot walk in them! My favorite lingerie is a babydoll slip with a little push up bra. My favorite casual attire is a sexy black push up bra & matching cheeky underwear!

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