Black Book Boudoir Studio is a Massachusetts Boudoir studio based around empowering women.


Empowering Women Across The Globe

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“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” -Edward Steichen

Your shoot is designed to completely fit YOU!

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“Photographing Boudoir for me is about making other women feel comfortable in their own skin. When they come in, my goal is to make them feel comfortable, have fun & celebrate their own beauty!”
“Empowering Women Across The Globe”


Come relax with us in to the studio. Have your hair and makeup professionally polished! Enjoy a day dedicated to just you! I will take you on a beautiful trip to discovering how stunning you truly are!


Your shoot is designed to completely fit YOU! You can pick a la carte, and build your day up how you like it, or you may choose from pre-set collections! If you would like a custom packge, please feel free to contact me.


Packages Available ranging from $950-$2500. A La Carte is Available as well. For full price list, please me feel free to Email Me Here.  Please allow me 12-24 hours to respond with an in depth email for us to get started.


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Before she even saw the photos!

Amanda, Thank you so much for my photos today. I felt Beautiful and I’m sure you made me look that way as well. I can’t wait to see how they came out. Thank you for making it fun and easy. I will recommend you to everyone I know to have you do a shoot for them. Thank you so so much!



I received my album in the mail today! Thank you for such a great experience and a beautiful album! I felt so comfortable during the shoot, and going into it I was so nervous. Amanda helped me loosen up & gain some confidence in myself! I can’t wait to give it to him! He is going to love it!


Not What I Expected At All!

Amanda, I would have never thought I could do that! And now looking at the photos, I can’t believe that is me! I thought you were going to have to photoshop me completely to make something even decent! You made me feel so amazing and comfortable!



About A Session

“Do you have a studio? Can you travel to me?”

– Yes! My studio is BSP West in Clinton, MA. There are multiple style rooms with beds, furniture & background options for you. There is also space outdoors if you would like to head outside to spice up your shoot! I also travel to do in home sessions, on location session.


“Do I receive the digital files of my images?”

– With all collections, you will receive digital images. The number of files depends on the collection you choose. You do have an A La Carte option as well.


“What does your editing include?”

– I will edit all the coloring & lighting. I will smooth out your skins & digitally heal marks where needed. I will not re-create your body in photoshop. Instead, I will pose you & shoot at angles that will flatter you & show off your best assets. I will show you, your are stunning exactly how you are!


“I do not have someone to give these to, should I really do this?”

– Of course! These sessions, are sometimes used as a gift. However, it is and foremost for YOU! This is an amzing experience to celebrate yourself, all that you are, all that you have been through, and everything you are about to do. I want to help you celebrate! You will come in and pamper yourself with hair & makeup, and then we get to dress up and have fun.



Time In Studio

Final Proofs

Happy Clients

  • Camera Time 80%
  • Hair & Make-Up 10%
  • Editing 5%
  • Final Proofs 5%


Outfits & Props

Boudoir photos typically involve lingerie, but that doesn’t mean that you have to start shopping for a lacy undergarment. Think about what kind of look you’re going for, such as sexy, playful, pinup or glam. You also don’t have to pose in your underwear; you can take great boudoir photos in a modest outfit, such as jeans and a tank top. If you know your fiancé loves the way you look in his favorite team’s jersey, pair it with cute boyshorts for a playful and cute look. If you want to channel your inner pinup model, there are plenty of outfit choices that range from barely there to full coverage.

Hair & Make-Up

In order to look the part, you’ll need to have your hair and makeup done. Many boudoir studios offer on-site hairstylists and makeup artists who will make you over as part of your photography package. Fake eyelashes and hair extensions are commonly used, while makeup styles can be as natural or heavy as you’d like. Remember that your photographer and stylists will have expert opinions on your beauty look, but you have the final word on your makeover. Feel free to bring your own products that you know work well, or let the stylists work their magic!

Boudoir Poses & Style

Boudoir photographers are well-versed in the different types of poses that will look great in photos. Arched backs, leg lifts and torso twists are three techniques used to achieve sexy poses, and you’ll likely spend a lot of time lying on your back or stomach. Your photographer will direct you throughout the shoot and make suggestions and demonstrations for expressions, gazes and moods to try. If you’re ever confused about how to pose, ask your photographer and he or she will typically be more than happy to show you.

Photoshoot Location

If you’ve read this far, it’s time to choose the location. Many boudoir photographers have a studio in which they have chairs or beds set up for different scenes and settings. If you don’t feel comfortable posing in their studio,  you can always book a hotel room or choose another private location. Often times studios will provide champagne and snacks so that you can fuel up and gain a little liquid courage for your shoot. You can also provide a playlist of your favorite music to get in the zone.


As a gesture of solidarity — or for those of you who I’ve heard say, “Picture or it didn’t happen” — I am including the face-only corner of one of my shots. And if you’re wondering what the reaction might have been from the few who have seen them? Well, three of my girlfriends — all of whom were drop-jawed at just the idea that I was doing this — all separately had the exact same, immediate thing to say: “Oh my god. I’m totally doing this”.